Sun, Sept 4

2019—Proving that his Hurricane Dorian prediction was perfect, Donald J. Trump displays a fake map.

1992—Ex-South Vietnamese fighter pilot Ly Tong hijacks an Air Vietnam Airbus out of Bangkok. As it flies low and slow over Ho Chi Minh City, he drops revolutionary propaganda, then safely parachutes—but into captivity.

1976—George W.[MD] Bush is arrested for DUI in Kennebunk, Maine.

1973—R. Nixon’s flunkies John Ehrlichman and G. Gordon Liddy are indicted for felonious burgling.

1967—“I just had the greatest brainwashing … [in] Vietnam,” says Gov. George Romney (R-Mich.).

1957—Ford’s Edsel debuts.

1957—Gov. Orval Faubus [Dem.] orders the Alabama National Guard to keep nine Black children from entering Little Rock Central High school.

1949—In Peekskill, N.Y., after a Paul Robeson concert, a mob, including cops, beats the audience, including Eugene Bullard, a Black WW I flier.

1942—The Washington Post reports that an anti-aircraft gunner has accidentally hit the Lincoln Memorial with three .50 caliber rounds.

1918—U.S. troops land at Archangel, Russia, to “protect American interests.”

1886—Apache chief Geronimo surrenders at Arizona’s Skeleton Canyon.

1875—Whites in Clinton, Miss. slaughter 50 Blacks at random.

1833—The [N.Y.] Sun hires Barney Flaherty, 10, America’s first newsboy.

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