Fri, Sept 16

2016—MSNBC, CNN, and Fox treat Donald Trump to a free 1.5 hour infomercial consisting mostly of a live shot of an empty podium.

2009—Nashua-born news anchor Ernie Anastos tells a weatherman, on air, “Keep fucking that chicken.”

2001—Dick “Dick” Cheney vows to work on “the dark side”—his only side.

1992—After NYC Mayor Dinkins, who’s Black, backs a civilian police review board, 10,000 off-duty cops riot. Rudy Giuliani leads with a bullhorn.

1976—Nelson Rockefeller, Veep, is photographed giving “the finger” to students at SUNY Binghamton.

1975—After winning by 355 votes, losing a recount by ten votes, and winning a ballot appeal by two votes, notorious Red-baiter Louis Wyman [R]—an appointed but not-seated Senator for three days—loses a special election to the droll John Durkin [D].

1968—Richard M. Nixon appears on “Laugh-In” and says, “Sock it to me”—which, eventually, they do.

1964—UC Berkeley bans free speech.

1942—A U.S. B-24 spots U-156 of the coast of Africa, a big Red Cross on deck. As ordered, he attacks. The sub submerges, leaving survivors of the sunken Laconia—troops, POWs, civilians, women, and children—adrift.

1920—A bomb in a horse-drawn-wagon explodes in front of the J.P. Morgan building on Wall Street, killing 38 and wounding 400.

1620—The Mayflower sets sail.

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