Sun, Oct 16

2002—George W.[MD] Bush signs the law he demanded giving him permission to start an unprovoked war.

1973—Fred and Donald Trump are sued by the Justice Dept. for discriminating against minority renters. Their lawyer, Roy Cohn, countersues, claiming the victims are the Trumps.

1973—Henry Kissinger gets the Nobel Peace Prize; Tom Lehrer declares political satire obsolete.

1972—Majority Leader Hale Boggs [D-La.], Rep. Nick Begich [D-Alaska], aide R. Brown, and pilot D. Jonz vanish while flying over Alaska.

1968—Tommie Smith and John Carlos, Mexico City Olympic winners, raise fists in the Black Power salute.

1962—At breakfast, President John F. Kennedy finds he’s got a Cuban Missile Crisis on his plate.

1946—Inept Army MSgt. John C. Woods hangs ten Nazis at Nuremberg. Heads bash the trap; two choke for 14 minutes, Ribbentrop for 24.

1920—In N.Y.C., 30,000 Great War vets march, demanding a bonus.

1859—John Brown and 18 others, both Black and white, capture the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va.

1814—Ruptured vats in a London brewery release 323,346 gallons of beer. Many guzzle, seven drown.

1715—Daniel Fowle is baptized at First Church in Boston.

1660—John Cooke, King Charles I’s prosecutor (treason, 1649), is drawn and quartered under Charles II.

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