Fri, Oct 21

1975—In the 12th inning, New Hampshire’s own Carlton Fisk waves the ball fair, and the Red Sox win Game 6 of the World Series.

1967—Yippies, Diggers, & Hippies try but fail to levitate the Pentagon.

1966—A mountain of mine waste collapses onto a school in Wales, killing 28 adults and 116 children.

1965—Lyndon Johnson flashes his gall bladder scar for photographers.

1957—Special Forces Capt. Harry Cramer becomes the 2nd American killed by hostile action in Vietnam. His death is falsely listed as accidental.

1954—Indiana’s Boxing Commission says boxers and wrestlers must swear an oath they’re not Commies before they can fight in the Hoosier State.

1874—Birth of Charles Ives.

1861—Colonel Edward D. Baker, leading his brigade at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, becomes the first and last U.S. Senator (R-Ore.) killed in battle.

1837—Osceola and 81 other Seminoles are captured and imprisoned at Ft. Payton, Fla. by U.S. troops using a false flag of truce.

1835—William Lloyd Garrison is paraded through the streets of Boston with a rope around his neck for saying “all men are created equal.”

1797—After two failures, the USS Constitution is launched in Boston.

1556—Poet, playwright, pornographer, blackmailer and satirist Pietro Aretino—“the Scourge of Princes”—laughs himself to death in Venice.

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