Thurs, Nov 3

1986—A Lebanese newspaper reveals that the U.S. has been selling arms to the Ayatollah’s regime in Iran.

1979—Communists are fired on by Klansmen and Nazis in Greensboro, N.C.. Five die and 11 are wounded, but three trials yield no convictions.

1973—After a flight crew’s unauthorized experiment, a DC-10’s #3 engine explodes over New Mexico. Everyone makes it safely to land expect the guy in 17H; he’s sucked out the window to his death.

1969—In a speech which proves to be fatally effective, Richard Nixon conjures up his “Silent Majority.”

1964—Lyndon Johnson—the peace candidate—is elected President.

1956—Israeli Defence Forces kill 275 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

1948—“Dewey Defeats Truman,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

1917—Bolsheviks take over in Russia.

1903—Backed by Pres. Roosevelt, Panama secedes from Colombia. Coincidentally, the New Panama Canal Company gives $60K to the GOP.

1874—Election Day in Eufala, Ala.: The White League murders seven Black Republicans, wounds 70 more, and says the Democrats won.

1848—In Revere, Mass, a train full of Whigs collides with a train full of Democrats; six die and 40 are injured.

1755—Mass. sets bounties for Indian scalps, ranging from £50 for male Penobscots over 12 years old, to £20 for female Indians under 12.

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