Fri, Nov 4

2016—“Calm down,” reads the headline over a Washington Post column, “We’ll be fine no matter who wins.”

1979—Militant Shi’ite Muslims take 66 Americans hostage in Teheran, dooming the Carter administration.

1975—A neocon cabal reshuffles the Ford cabinet for him. Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush take over.

1964—Lenny Bruce is found guilty of obscenity in New York City.

1960—In Dallas, a vicious “Mink Coat Mob” angrily confronts Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. Revulsion at its tactics cost Nixon Texas.

1958—A U.S. B-47 bomber carrying nukes crashes near Abilene, Texas. High explosives detonate. Nuclear materials are recovered later.

1955—CIA HQ responds to Caracas Station re: report that Adolf Hitler has been seen in Argentina—“we suggest that this matter be dropped.”

1952—Univac I gives CBS a nearly dead-on prediction: Eisenhower 438, Stevenson 93. The network doesn’t air it because it contradicts the polls.

1928—Asked who shot him, the dying gangster Arnold Rothstein tells police, “My mudder did it.”

1924—Wyoming elects Nellie Rayloe Ross, the U.S.’s 1st female Governor.

1798—Vermont elects Matthew Lyon, in jail for sedition, to Congress.

1791—Native Americans destroy one quarter of the U.S. Army in the Battle of the Wabash—896 of 1,000 soldiers are killed, wounded, or captured.

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