Sun, Dec 4

2016—To free the fictitious child sex slaves of the Democrat Party, Edgar Welch shoots up Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C. with a real gun.

1993—R.I.P. Frank Zappa.

1982—Returning from a trip to Latin America, President Reagan says, “I learned a lot. You’d be surprised. They’re all individual countries.”

1981—President Reagan OK’s CIA spying on U.S. citizens.

1979—French commandos “convert to Islam,” then help the Saudi military drive rebels from Grand Mosque. The indiscriminate killing by these infidels enrages Osama bin Laden; the CIA concludes the episode is not a sign of widespread Islamic radicalism.

1969—Chicago cops, aided by the CIA, murder Black Panther security guard Mark Clark, then assassinate Fred Hampton, who’s been drugged.

1952—A“Great Smog” so thick moviegoers couldn’t see the screen descends on London. It lasts all winter and kills about 12,000.

1950—In Feres v. U.S., the Supreme Court rules that servicemembers can’t sue the U.S. for injuries.

1947—On orders from genial ol’ Ike, the Attorney General publishes a list of 51 “subversive organizations.”

1837—In the Arkansas State House, Speaker John Wilson and Joseph Anthony debate wolf bounties with the aid of Bowie knives. Wilson, the winner, is later acquitted of murder.

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