Sun, Jan 15

2001—Wikipedia goes live.

1992—George H.[H.]W. Bush, in N.H. for votes, says “[W]e are blessed. So don’t feel sorry for … don’t cry for me, Argentina.”

1989—TV guest Donald Trump asks host Larry King, “Do you mind if I sit back a little…your breath is very bad.”

1989—The Gipper, on MLK Day, says some civil rights leaders are “doing very well…keeping alive the feeling that they’re victims of prejudice.”

1977—Bill Murray makes his debut on SNL; the host is Ralph Nader.

1970—The Washington Monthly tells U.S. citizens 1,000 U.S. Army spies have been watching them since 1965.

1968—SP/5 Dwight H. Johnson earns the Medal of Honor in a firefight near Dak To. Back in Detroit, in 1971, he’s shot dead in a suicidal robbery.

1968—Ex-Rep Jeanette Rankin [R-Mont.], 87, who voted against WW I and WW II, leads a march against the Vietnam War.

1965—Cuba deports Alan Ginsberg for calling Che Guevara “cute.”

1943—Future Senator Strom Thurmond [R-S.C.] has backseat sex with murderer Sue Logue as she’s being driven to the electric chair.

1919—In Boston, a badly-built tank collapses, releasing a flood of molasses—a raw material for war munitions; 21 die, 150 are injured.

1885—W.A. “Snowflake” Bentley makes the first successful photograph of a snowflake in Jericho, Vermont.

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