Thurs, Jan 5

2021—As Dolt #45’s alleged brain trust schemes at the Willard, the FBI ignores a dire warning from its own Norfolk office, predicting violence.

2011—Freshly-minted Rep. Frank Guinta [R-N.H.] assures David Koch he’ll show fealty attend a party later.

1970—Kenneth Yablonski discovers his dad, UMW presidential challenger Joseph “Jock” Yablonski, his mom, and his sister dead. All were murdered in their sleep five days earlier on orders of incumbent UMW president “Tough Tony” Boyle.

1968—Feds indict Dr. Spock for expressing concern about the health of his ex-patients now in uniform.

1968—The CIA sends LBJ a third report on its illegal surveillance of U.S. students. It, too, is rejected because it found no foreign influence.

1964—The FBI starts bugging MLK.

1942—Mutual Broadcasting’s John B. Hughes begins an anti-Japanese-American radio campaign that results in the establishment of U.S. concentration camps.

1937—The Abraham Lincoln Brigade is formed to fight fascism—“prematurely,” some say.

1914—To reduce his 370% turnover rate, Henry Ford offers $5 for an 8-hour day—to workers who comply with his rigid behavioral standards.

1781—Benedict Arnold helps the Brits burn and plunder Richmond, Va.

1776—New Hampshire ratifies the nation’s first state constitution.

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