Mon, Jan 16

2020—The Senate starts trying The Former Guy, but the jury’s been fixed.

2018—White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson claims Donald Trump a) passed a cognitive test, and b) might live to be 200 if he had a healthier diet.

2014—Unable to acquire their standard poison, Ohio’s official kill team tries a new drug combo. A witness later says seeing Dennis McGuire gasp and snort for 15 minutes was “ghastly.”

2008—Bushian “Point of Light” Earl Paulk confesses to perjury and adultery: he did sleep with his sister-in-law. Also,  his “nephew” is really his son.

1986—The DOE announces a seven-year, 26-contestant game show: loser gets a nuclear waste dump. One potential site: Hillsborough, N.H.

1981—Jeanne Kirkpatrick is made Ambassador to the UN. Within days she’s griping: her office, limo, staff, and security are all “inadequate.”

1972—Vesna Vulović falls 33,000 feet from a bombed DC-9, lands on a snow-covered slope, and lives.

1936—Serial killer and cannibal Albert Fish is executed at Sing Sing.

1917—German Foreign Secretary A. Zimmermann telegraphs his ambassador in Mexico proposing a German/Mexican alliance and offering the return of Texas, Ariz., and N.M.

1865—Gen. Wm. Tecumseh Sherman issues Special Field Order No. 15, granting the formerly enslaved 40 acres and a mule. President Andrew Johnson later reverses the order.

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