Mon, Apr 10

2018—Goldman Sachs warns clients of a downside to gene therapy: there is no cash flow from a cured patient.

2017—The State Street Saloon burns.

2005—Huge mobs of Iraqis mark the 2nd anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s fall, shouting “No, No to Satan!” and demanding that U.S. troops leave.

1972—Crooked financier Robert Vesco slips $200,000 to Nixon’s re-election campaign; Attorney General John Mitchell then cuts him slack.

1970—Dick “Dick” Nixon’s lawyers backdate a deed giving his papers to the National Archives so he can illegally claim a tax deduction.

1963—Lee Harvey Oswald takes a shot at U.S. Army General Edwin Walker because he’s leader of a “fascist organization.” Fact check: True.

1963—The U.S.S. Thresher implodes 220 miles east of Boston killing 16 officers, 96 sailors, and 17 civilians.

1947—Actors Guild head Ronald Reagan rats out members to HUAC.

1945—Doctors at Oak Ridge inject Ebb Cade, a Black car wreck victim, with plutonium to see what happens.

1928—Illinois holds the “Pineapple Primary,” named for the 62 bombings which preceded the balloting.

1919—Deceived by a colonel being blackmailed by a general, Emiliano Zapata is ambushed. His killers are cheated of half of their bounty.

1865—Rioters in Portsmouth destroy the office of Joshua Foster’s Copperhead newspaper The States and Union.

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