Sun, May 21

2016—In Houston, hundreds rally to support Islam. Hundreds more rally, armed, to oppose it. All have been duped by a Russian troll farm.

2001—GAO refutes the GOP: Dems didn’t vandalize the White House.

1981—The Senate OKs $20 billion to resume full-scale production of nerve gas and other chemical weapons.

1980—In Gwangju, Korea, students using weapons looted from armories drive troops from downtown.

1975—Responding to a FOIA request, the CIA debuts its “neither confirm nor deny” non-response.

1968—Students protest the Vietnam War in West Berlin, Paris, Peking, Berkeley, and New York.

1952—Blacklisted actor John Garfield dies of a heart attack at 39.

1946—A screwdriver slips; the same plutonium core that killed Harry Daghlian the previous August gives Louis Slotin a lethal burst of radiation.

1945—Bogie, 45, marries Bacall, 20.

1924—Nathan Leopold, 19, and Richard Loeb, 18, murder Robert Franks, 14, for the fun of it.

1894—“Courage, camarade, vive l’anarchie” Emile Henry tells the crowd, moments before he’s guillotined.

1871—To correct the alleged errors of the Paris Commune, the 20-35,000 executions of “Bloody Week” begin.

1823—The 200th anniversary of the settling of Portsmouth is “celebrated with great éclat.”

1766—Raleigh is launched.

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