Sat, June 17

2020—“[T]he numbers are very minuscule compared to what it was,” says Dolt #45, “[Covid is] dying out.”

2017—Brass on the U.S.S. Fitzgerald get their nimble destroyer rammed by a container ship; 7 enlisted sailors die, three are injured, repairs bill: $367M.

2015—Oxymoronic white “supremacist” murders nine in Charleston, S.C.

1972—A Black Vietnam veteran catches Nixon’s Watergate spies.

1971—“I want it implemented on a thievery basis,” President Nixon tells aides. “Goddamn it, get in [to the Brookings Institution] and get those files [that might reveal my treasonous interference with the Paris Peace talks]. Blow the safe and get it.”

1967—Defense Secretary Robert Strange McNamara commissions a secret history of the Vietnam War.

1933—Syphilitic former sheriff and WWI hero Verne Miller, with three armed pals, tries to spring Frank “Jelly” Nash, a safe-cracker. Nash, in the custody of four G-Men and three cops at Union Station in K.C., Mo., ends up dead, as do a G-Man and three cops.

1932—The Senate votes not to pay bonuses owed to thousands of Great War vets massed outside the Capitol, setting the stage for a violent rout.

1775—At Bunker Hill, using powder pilfered from Portsmouth’s Fort William and Mary, New Hampshiremen under Gen. John Stark—and some others, of course—kill one of every four British Army officers in America.

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