Fri, Sept 1

2019—Meteorologist-in-Chief Donald J. Trump tweets that Hurricane Dorian will hit Alabama hard.

2005—New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin calls for George W.[MD] Bush and FEMA to “get off your asses and do something” about his flooded city.

1989—Narcs trying to score crack near the White House for a George H.[H.]W. Bush presidential photo-op get the drug on their third try but not the film—their camera operator gets mugged by a homeless person.

1989—Bible-thumping huckster Jim Bakker’s fraud trial is briefly interrupted when, professing that he’s hallucinating, he’s taken to a mental institution in handcuffs and leg shackles.

1983—The USSR shoots down KAL Flight 007. Among the victims: Congressman [and John Birch Society President] Larry McDonald (R-Ga.).

1982—The U.S. Air Force Space Command becomes operational.

1970—“This [Senate] chamber reeks of blood,” says George McGovern.

1952—A freak wind hits Carswell AFB in Texas knocking two-thirds of SAC’s B-29s out of commission.

1894—Thomas P. “Boston” Corbett, the self-castrating Cavalryman who shot John Wilkes Booth, dies in Hinckley, Minn. along with 800 others in a four-hour firestorm.

1862—“The Rebel bullet that can kill me has not yet been molded,” boasts General Philip Kearny. Some Rebel worked fast: he’s KIA this day.

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