Wed, Sept 6

2010—Alabama prison officials ban the reading of a Pulitzer-winning history of Black forced labor.

2002—George W.[MD] Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card says, “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products [i.e., wars based on false premises] in August.”

1978—The U.S.House opens hearings on the assassinations of JFK & MLK. On Dec. 30th they conclude that conspiracies were likely.

1964—Thousands of white kids riot in Hampton Beach, N.H., causing extensive property damage. Bill Loeb’s Union Leader blames it on the pinkos.

1949—World War II vet and devout churchgoer Howard Unruh kills 13 of his N.J. neighbors in 12 minutes.

1939—FDR OKs FBI investigation of “subversive activity.” Oops….

1901—Pres. Wm. McKinley is assassinated by anarchist Leon Czolgosz.

1872—Rather than pay his deputy a $10 fee, Erie County Sheriff and future 22nd and 24th President Grover “Big Steve” Cleveland hangs mother-murderer Patrick Morrissey.

1869—Pennsylvania’s Avondale Colliery catches fire while 200 men are underground; 110 of them die. Management tries to blames the miners, but their union fights back and wins some basic mine safety regulation.

1835—Esther Sumner, 21, weds Revolution vet Noah Damon, 75, in Vermont. She collects his pension from 1853 until her death in 1906.

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