Fri, Sept 8

2018—Secretary of the Army Mark Esper posts an anti-suicide message on Facebook. It features a photo of Army SSgt. Robert Bales, then doing life for murdering 16 Afghan civilians.

2002—The N.Y. Times publishes lies about tubes based on a White House leak; the White House cites that story as proof Iraq plans to build nukes.

1988—Dan Quayle says, “Republicans understand the importance of bondage between parent and child.”

1978—The Shah uses U.S.-made weapons to crush Tehran riots; 89 die. In six months the Ayatollah is boss.

1974—Ford pardons Nixon [see 9/7].

1972—As the Federal Price Commission OKs a previously-denied price hike for MacDonalds’ quarter-pounders, the Nixon re-election campaign gets a $200,000 contribution from MacDonalds’ owner, Ray A. Kroc.

1964—Concord, N.H.-born “Rebel Girl” Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is given a state funeral at the Kremlin.

1935—One bullet kills Sen. Huey P. Long [D–La.]. Carl Weiss is shot 60 times by Long’s bodyguards—one of whom might have actually shot Long.

1934—In a nor’easter off New Jersey, its captain dead of a heart attack, the Morro Castle catches fire. The blazing hulk runs aground with 137 passengers and crew dead.

1923—Poor navigation leads a squadron of 14 new Navy destroyers astray off the California coast. Seven ships run aground and 23 sailors are killed.

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