Tues, Oct 3

2009—Combat Outpost Keating, in Nuristan, badly-sited and scheduled for abandonment, is mostly overrun by Taliban fighters who capture weapons and ammunition, leaving eight Americans dead and 27 wounded.

2006—Republicans in Congress try to “roll over” $20 million set aside for a celebration of victory in Iraq.

2003—National Enquirer: Rush Limbaugh is under investigation for illegally procuring prescription opioids.

1993—Berlin, N.H. native Michael Durant’s helicopter is one of two shot down in the First Battle of Mogadishu. Durant, played by Ron Eldard in Black Hawk Down, survives.

1986—Missile sub K-219 catches fire. Soviets blame an alleged collision with USS Augusta. The Pentagon blames sloppy Commie  work  habits.

1980—Moral Majority co-founder and U.S. Rep. Bob Bauman (R-Md.) is charged with making sexual solicitations to an under-aged boy.

1973—Donald Segretti testifies before the Senate about the dirty tricks he used to get Nixon re-elected.

1968—A CH-47 Chinook and a C-7 Caribou collide over Camp Evans in Vietnam; no survivors, 22 perish.

1968—George Wallace’s running mate, ex-SAC Commander Curtis LeMay, says he’s not afraid of nuking Vietnam, but deems that unnecessary.

1955—CIA HQ gets a cable from the Caracas Station: a former SS trooper says Hitler is alive in Argentina.

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