Sat, Oct 7

2020—The nation is mesmerized during the Vice Presidential debate, as a fly takes a stroll on Mike Pence’s hair.

2016—The Washington Post releases a videotape on which the GOP Presidential candidate brags about grabbing women by their genitals. Hours later hacked emails of his opponent’s campaign chairman are released.

2011—On her 62nd birthday, Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton gets her 2nd DWI, but no charges are filed. She killed a woman in a 1989 car wreck, but no charges were filed then, either.

2004—George W.[MD] Bush and Dick “Dick” Cheney do the bait-and-switch: so what if Saddam didn’t have WMDs—he cheated on oil-for-food.

2001—“Operation Enduring Freedom” begins with the CIA botching the first-ever drone strike; Taliban chief Mullah Omar gets away.

1996—Fox News begins broadcasting mass quantities of insidious swill.

1985—Attorney General Ed “Meese is a Pig” Meese explains that “Miranda only helps guilty defendants,” because “if a person is innocent of a crime, then he is not a suspect.”

1985—Stop illegal meddling in Nicaragua? No, the Reagan administration pulls the U.S. out of the World Court.

1756—Daniel Fowle and enslaved pressman Primus X begin printing The New Hampshire Gazette in Portsmouth. It achieves national seniority in 1839 when the Maryland Gazette [founded 1727] folds.

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