Wed, Jan 17

 2014—NRA Board Member Ted Nugent, on TV, calls President Obama a “mongrel,” and says liberals should be prosecuted for treason.

2003—George W.[MD] Bush tells wounded troops at Walter Reed we “must provide the best care” for veterans—the same day the VA cuts off health care for 164,000 veterans.

2003—Gertrude Janeway, the last known widow of a Union Civil War veteran, dies at 93. When they married, he was 81 and she was 18.

1986—Ronald Reagan, 74, has polyps removed and authorizes the secret (and illegal) sale of weapons to Iran.

1968—George W.[MD] Bush scores just 25 percent on Texas’ Air National Guard’s pilot aptitude test, but passes.

1966—An Air Force tanker and a B-52 collide over Spain, dropping H-bombs & scattering radiation.

1962—An executive order gives federal workers the right to strike and plutocrats a reason to want JFK dead.

1961—Ike warns, don’t give the “Military-Industrial Complex” any “unwarranted influence.” Oops.

1961—At the CIA’s request, Katangan rebels murder deposed Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba.

1953—A “red letter” day—the first issue of I.F. Stone’s Weekly is published.

1920—Prohibition kicks in, except for Andrew Mellon. Harding’s Treasury Secretary issues Old Overholt—which he owns—a special permit to sell “for medicinal purposes.”

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