Fri, Jan 19

2004—Weeks after telling Chris Matthews, “we’re going to break up the giant media enterprises,” Howard Dean addresses a screaming crowd in Iowa. Video techs create a clip using sound from his mike only, making him sound unhinged. It will aired 633 times over the next four days.

2001—On his last full day in office, Bill Clinton admits he perjured himself when he denied having sex with “that woman,” Monica Lewinsky.

1989—Frank F. Fowle III, an actor whose favorite Iliad line was “Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle,” succumbs to stab wounds suffered during a fight with a thief.

1985—At the Houston Astrodome, 35,000 watch as Canadian daredevil Karel Soucek’s 180-foot barrel drop goes wrong; he dies hours later.

1968—To placate Howard Hughes, a wealthy weirdo who has been complaining about all the rattling, the AEC tries a new test site 90 miles further away. Project Faultless, a one-megaton H-Bomb, proves the ground is unsuitable due to faults.

1920—The ACLU is founded.

1915—Two Britons are killed and three are injured during the first Zeppelin attack of WW I.

1915—Factory guards in Roosevelt, N.J. shoot 20 rioting strikers.

1847—Charles Bent, the first Governor of the New Mexico Territory, is scalped at his Taos home in front of his wife and children.

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