Fri, Jan 26

2015—Another two feet of snow fall on Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

2006—On Sunset Blvd., Joaquin Phoenix is rescued from his rolled, gas-reeking car by Werner Herzog.

2005—Gay hustler and accredited White House correspondent Jeff Gannon asks Pres. G.W.[MD] Bush how he can work with insane people like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton.

2001—Britain’s Guardian reports [falsely] that Air Force One was “stripped bare” in “an orgy of pilfering” by outgoing Clinton staffers.

1998—The Project for a New American Century sends a letter, signed by E. Abrams, J. Bolton, W. Kristol, R. Perle, D. Rumsfeld, & P. Wolfowitz, to Bill Clinton, urging him to overthrow Saddam Hussein. He’s busy denying he had “sex with that woman.” Her name’s Monica Lewinsky.

1979—Ex-Veep Nelson Rockefeller, 70, alone in his townhouse with 26-year old Megan Marshak, dies of a heart attack. An hour later his corpse is found by a security guard, five blocks away at Rockefeller Center.

1943—Famine-fighter, agronomist, and geneticist Nikolai Vavilov, imprisoned due to criticism from quack Trofim Lysenko, dies of starvation.

1940—R. Reagan marries J. Wyman in a chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery.

1894—Illinois drops George Painter. The rope breaks and he lands on his head. Bleeding profusely, he’s hanged a second time for good measure.

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