Tues, Feb 13

2013—Justice Antonin Scalia goes to his final judgment.

2008—The Senate tells the CIA to cool it with the waterboarding.

2007—An Al-Qaeda tape calls George W.[MD] Bush a drunk gambler.

2002—Donald Rumsfeld’s ex-assistant Ken Adelman predicts the Iraq War will be a “cakewalk.”

1991—A super-accurate, laser-guided U.S. bomb kills some 400 Iraqi civilians in a bunker in Baghdad.

1983—Radicalized by anti-Semite Henry Ford, decorated WW II vet and anti-tax crank Gordon Kahl and son Yorie Von Kahl murder two U.S. Marshals and wound three other lawmen in a shootout near Medina, N.D.

1981—Hexane gas illegally discharged from a Purina plant fills the Louisville, Ky. sewer system. A spark from a car causes two miles of sewer lines to explode. Purina denies liability.

1968—Five soldiers are busted at Ft. Jackson, S.C.; they prayed for peace.

1967—The National Student Association admits it’s received $3 million from the CIA over 15 years.

1950—The crew of a burning B-36 jettisons its Mark IV A-bomb and bails out. With no plutonium core, it merely scatters 100 lbs. of uranium when it explodes over British Columbia. Five crewmen freeze to death.

1837—Loco Foco Democrats protest rapidly rising food prices in New York City. Hundreds of barrels are liberated in the ensuing Flour Riot.

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