Sat, March 23

2016—Tay, a Microsoft™ AI chatbot, is released on Twitter. She’s pulled 16 hours later for being a Nazi.

2004—In a Senate office building, 19 Members of Congress watch a golden crown being placed on the head of convicted tax cheat and Washington Times owner Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

2003—A lost U.S. Army convoy is ambushed near Nasiriyah, Iraq: 11 KIAs, five WIAs, & six POWs, including Pvt. Jessica Ryan. An Air Force A-10 kills six to 10 U.S. Marines. A U.S. Patriot missile downs an RAF fighter jet over Iraq.

1983—Acting Pres. R. Reagan touts space-based anti-missile missiles, as seen in 1940’s Murder in the Air, in which he played Lt. “Brass” Bancroft.

1933—Support from the [Catholic] Centre Party trumps leftist opposition: the Reichstag passes the Enabling Act; Hitler becomes a dictator.

1914—For helping organize Colorado coal miners, “Mother Jones,” 76, is thrown in the Huerfano County Jail.

1901—U.S. troops capture Filipino rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo, whom the U.S. had earlier backed in his fight against Spanish colonial powers.

1877—Mormon leader John D. Lee is executed by a firing squad for his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. He leaves 19 wives and 56 children.

1842—The House of Representatives censures Congressman Joshua R. Giddings [W-Ohio] for introducing a resolution opposing slavery.

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