Fri, March 29

2003—Newsweek publishes a poll saying 74 percent of Americans believe that the Bush administration has “a well thought-out military plan.”

1995—Rep. Dan Burton [R-Ind.] says the U.S. “should place an aircraft carrier off the coast of [land-locked] Bolivia and crop dust the coca fields.”

1973—Army Master Sergeant Max Beilke becomes the last U.S. combat soldier to leave Vietnam. He will die at the Pentagon, a civilian, on 9/11/01.

1972—In anticipation of a $100,000 “contribution” to the Nixon re-election campaign, the EPA eases up on enforcement at a lead smelter in Idaho.

1971—Lt. William Calley gets “life in prison” for 22 My Lai murders, i.e., three years home confinement.

1960—For reasons which are unfathomable, France launches a nuclear sub.

1956—Mississippi creates a State Sovereignty Commission. Its $250K/yr. budget buys PR, then surreptitious surveillance of civil rights groups.

1929—Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman Al Saud’s army defeats Ikhwan rebels at Sabilla, removing any lingering doubts about the efficacy of machine guns against camel-mounted cavalry.

1849—In Richmond, Va., friends nail Henry Brown, an enslaved Black man, into a box. Shipped as freight to Philadelphia, he’s free 27 hours later.

1843—Sec. of War J.C. Spencer lunges at Sec. of the Navy Abel Upshur, who breaks a chair on Spencer’s head. President Tyler breaks up the fight.

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