Thurs, April 25

2005—Charles Duelfer, the CIA’s man in charge of finding WMDs in Iraq, says there are none.

2003—George W.[MD] Bush fires his Secretary of the Army for saying we don’t have enough troops in Iraq.

2002—George W.[MD] Bush and Saudi Prince Abdullah play kissy-face at the President’s Texas “ranch.”

1984—Asked if he’s ever been to a communist country, Reagan Chief of Staff James A. Baker III replies, “Well, I’ve been to Massachusetts.”

1962—The U.S. re-starts atmospheric nuclear testing with a bang—actually, 26 bangs over 77 days.

1959—Accused of raping a white woman, Mack Charles Parker is dragged from Mississippi’s Pearl River County Courthouse and lynched with help from a deputy sheriff.

1915—Australian and New Zealand troops under British command attack Turks at Gallipoli. They die in droves.

1898—The U.S. obliges William R. Hearst by declaring war on Spain.

1847—Leftovers from the Donner Party straggle out of the wilderness.

1846—Mexicans attack a U.S. “scouting party” near the border. As U.S. Grant later writes, “We were sent to provoke a fight, but it was essential that Mexico should commence it.”

1835—Two trains collide in Chicago at a grade crossing built illegally by the Illinois Central’s chief engineer, Roswell B. Mason. Despite 21 deaths, Mason is elected Mayor in 1868.

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