Fri, May 10

2021—N.H’s own Dan Bolduc and 123 other ex-top brass sign a letter saying the 2020 election was rigged.

2017—Dolt #45 lets the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak into the Oval Office; he divulges classified info, exposes a foreign agent, and says firing the FBI’s boss relieved him of a “great pressure.”

1945—New Hampshire adopts John Stark’s motto, “Live Free or Die.”

1919—In Charleston, S.C., white sailors foment the first of 33 U.S. race riots over a five-month period.

1908—The first Mother’s Day Service is held in W.Va. at the instigation of Anna Jarvis. She will be arrested on Mother’s Day 40 years later for protesting its commercialization.

1886—An ex-railroad president, now Reporter of the Supreme Court—seven of whom are ex-railroad attorneys—writes a headnote to their Santa Clara decision: corporations are now people under the 14th Amendment.

1869—Leland Stanford is unable to drive his railroad’s iconic “Golden Spike;” he’s too hammered himself.

1849—Nativist fans of Edwin Forrest bombard New York’s Astor Opera House with bricks protesting a Brit performer. To preserve order, the 7th Militia Regiment fires into the crowd; 20 are killed, mostly bystanders.

1740—South Carolina nixes assembling, raising food, earning money, or literacy for the enslaved, while legalizing slave holders killing the rebellious.

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