Wed, May 29

2020—A U.S. President, scared by a protest against a Minneapolis cop’s murder of George Floyd, hides for an hour in the White House bunker.

2017—A U.S. President asks an aide, at a Memorial Day observance, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”

2015—The Washington Post prints ex-Gov. John H. Sununu’s confession that in 1988 he bartered state assets—low numbered license plates—to buy support for G.H.[H.]W. Bush.

2008—Senator (and candidate) John McCain [R-Ariz.] says “Mosul is quiet” on a day when 30 die there.

2002—FBI head Robert Mueller says 9/11 might have been preventable.

2001—The Bush twins, charged with underage boozing, plead nolo.

1992—In Gibsonton, Fla., Grady Stiles Jr.—“Lobster Boy”—is murdered by a hit man hired by his family.

1987—Michael Jackson attempts to buy the Elephant Man’s bones.

1968—Charles deGaulle flees the Paris insurgency. In Baden-Baden, French General J. Massu advises him, “You’re in the shit and you have to stay in it a bit longer.” He returns.

1953—Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary summit Mount Everest.

1941—Disgruntled Disney cartoonists vote to go out on strike.

1932—WW I “Bonus Marchers” begin arriving in Washington, D.C.

1922—The Supreme Court rules that baseball is not a business and is therefore exempt from anti-trust laws.

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