Fri, May 31

2020—Irene Triplett, the last recipient of a Civil War pension (via her pop), dies at 90 in Wilkesboro, N.C.

2009—Dr. George Tiller, while ushering in a Wichita, Kansas church, is shot dead to uphold the sanctity of life.

2007—New Hampshire becomes the first state to honor same-sex unions without court intervention.

1989—As Newt drives him from the Speakership, Jim Wright [D-Texas], denounces “mindless cannibalism.”

1921—A Black WW I veteran in Tulsa refuses a demand to surrender his pistol. During a struggle it fires; a massive “race war” ensues.

1921—The mistrial of Sacco and Vanzetti begins under Judge Webster “Did you see what I did with those anarchistic bastards the other day?” Thayer.

1919—N.H.-born Lieut. Commander Albert Read and crew, in an NC-4,  complete the first trans-Atlantic flight.

1889—A shoddy dam belonging to the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club (Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, &.) collapses upstream of Johnstown, Pa. Roughly 2,200 die; unscathed, the owners pay $0.

1854—President Franklin Pierce [D-N.H.] tells the U.S. Atty. in Boston to incur “any expense…necessary” to re-enslave escapee Anthony Burns.

1779—General George Washington orders New Hampshire’s Gen. John Sullivan to bring “destruction…devastation [and] total ruinment” to the Haudenosaunee [Iroquois]. He does.

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