Mon, June 3

2022—After flying several boxes full of classified documents to his New Jersey golf course, Dolt #45, at Mar-a-lago, hands a few more in a folder to an FBI agent, claiming that’s all he’s got.

2002—Egypt says it warned the U.S., a week before 9/11, that al-Qaeda was about to strike the U.S.

1983—In Medina, N.D., “Greatest Generation” veteran, Posse Comitatus co-founder, and anti-tax crank Gordon Kahl dies in a shootout with the FBI, having slain five U.S. Marshals.

1980—A failed 46-cent computer chip briefly convinces NORAD that 220 Soviet missiles are incoming.

1973—Circus hand Alvin Kelly is fatally stomped by Bea, an elephant, in Tenafly, N.J. The son of flagpole sitter “Shipwreck” Kelly, Alvin had been drunkenly poking Bea with a big stick.

1969—In the South China Sea, a navigational mistake takes the destroyer USS Evans under the bow of the carrier HMAS Melbourne. The bow of the Evans sinks with 73 of her crew. “The Wall” does not include their names.

1961—Henry R. Marshall, investigating LBJ’s pal Billy Sol Estes for the Agriculture Department, is found with five .22 slugs in him from a bolt-action rifle. Verdict: “suicide.”

1947—At West Point, 56 years before #43 preemptively attacks Iraq, #34 tells graduates, “War is mankind’s most tragic and stupid folly; to seek or advise its deliberate provocation is a black crime against all men.”

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