Tues, June 18

2023—Philips Exeter alumnus Stockton Rush and four clients die when Titan is crushed near the Titanic.

2009—Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta steps over a man with a leg broken in a brawl to exit the Fish & Game Social Club before EMTs arrive.

1989—RIP I.F. Stone, legendary journalist who said, “Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

1984—Talk show host Alan Berg is machine-gunned to death in his Denver driveway by white supremacists.

1971—Assistant Attorney General William Rehnquist seeks an injunction to keep the Washington Post from publishing the Pentagon Papers.

1965—Operation Arc Light begins: 27 B-52s fly from Guam to bomb the ’Nam. Two collide and crash due to navigational errors, a third goes down after in-flight refueling fails.

1954—Fred C. Trump is grilled about war profiteering from the FHA.

1954—A CIA army invades Guatemala to topple democratically-elected President Jacobo Árbenz and make the place safe for the United Fruit Co.

1948—Truman OKs plausibly-deniable propaganda, sabotage, demolition, & economic warfare by the CIA.

1869—New York Times founder Henry J. Raymond dies of a stroke at 49 while entertaining his mistress.

1865—Top Virginia slaveholder Edmund Ruffin wraps up in a Confederate flag and blows his brains out.

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