Sat, June 22

2009—A spokesperson explains the conspicuous absence of South Carolina’s GOP Governor: Mark Sanford is “hiking the Appalachian Trail.”

2005—Undeterred by futility, the Republican-led House passes a Flag Protection Amendment.®

2004—On the floor of the Senate, Veep Dick “Dick” Cheney tells Sen. Pat Leahy, “Go fuck yourself.”

2004—Yet another cash-laden C-130 lands in Iraq; this one carries the biggest load of them all: $2,401,600,000.

2002—Enron execs admit they hid $1.5 billion in illegal profits gouged from California ratepayers.

1977—Nixon’s ex-AG John Mitchell begins a 19-month prison sentence.

1972—UPI’s Helen Thomas gets a call from Martha Mitchell: “I’m a captive…”; the phone goes dead. On the scene, Nixon’s lawyer orders that the AG’s wife be sedated by injection.

1970—The 24th Amendment  gives 18-year-olds the right to vote.

1969—Ohio’s Cuyahoga River ignites, inspiring Randy Newman.

1964—The fun-loving U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Post Office’s ban of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer.

1942—Congress adopts the Flag Code,® thus replacing the embarrassingly Nazi-like “Flag Salute” with FDR’s hand-on-heart gesture.

1861—His leg crushed by train wheels while warning his men, Lieut. Charles W. Walker dies in N.J.—the first N.H. officer killed in the war.

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