Mon, June 24

2021—Rudy G’s law license finally gets suspended for Rudy-ish behavior.

1994—Hot-dogging during air-show practice, U.S.A.F. Lt. Col. Arthur Holland crashes a B-52 at Fairchild AFB in Washington State.

1986—New York finally disbars Roy Cohn for acting like Roy Cohn.

1971—Nixon’s Special Counsel Charles Colson circulates the first White House “Enemies List.”

1970—Staging fails on the Kittery side of the Piscataqua River Bridge project. Four men fall 75 feet to their deaths, seven others are injured.

1968—Gen. Earle G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, tells a Long Island audience, “The enemy has lost whatever chance he had of taking South Vietnam by military force.”

1968—Cops and the Guard shut down “Resurrection City U.S.A.” in D.C. with dogs and smoke grenades.

1954—Guatemala asks the U.N. to look into the U.S.-backed coup in that country; the U.S. vetoes the proposal.

1943—Racist white U.S. Army officers and M.P.s try to enforce Jim Crow law in Bamber Bridge, England. Locals and Black G.I.s fight back; one person dies, shot in the back.

1924—The Democratic National Convention begins. It ends 17 days later, having voted down an anti-Klan plank.

1902—Deadline looming, Joseph Conrad upsets an oil lamp and accidentally burns the second installment of The End of the Tether.

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