Solution? End the Occupation!

To the Editor:

If Israel annexes more Palestinian land, anticipate a violent uprising. Already, the head of the Israeli Occupation Forces has sent additional troops into the West Bank. Moreover, If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu takes more Palestinian land, any hope for two states vanishes.

Palestinians desire freedom of movement, access to clean water, and an end to Israeli “settler” violence against them and their children. Palestinian farmers seek an end to the destruction of their animals and olive trees by settlers and the military. Palestinians want an end to an apartheid system which forces them to use separate sidewalks and roads, and to have to pass through dehumanizing checkpoints. Having seen it first-hand, I can attest to its “othering” of Palestinians who often are held up at such checkpoints that forces many Palestinians to rise early and have to wait in line for one or more hours in order to get to work, to school, to a health clinic or to visit a relative.

Is there any viable solution to this long-standing dilemma? Yes, I think Israel’s government and its military must be held accountable for their illegal and immoral actions. First, cut off all military assistance until Israel abides by international law, especially the Fourth Geneva Conventions. Israel must end its brutal military occupation as this is the source of much of the conflict. It must stop its dehumanization of the Palestinian people just as America must stop doing the same to Black and Brown people in this country and overseas.

Will Thomas

Auburn, N.H.


When our dominant political party [see above letter from Tom Laparriere] is doing everything in its considerable power to keep us on the ropes as it loots the country and prepares to further entrench itself, it takes a cool head to remember issues like this.

Overcome right wing intransigence—in the U.S. and in Israel—and it could be solved. If it were, many other problems would become less intractable.

The Editor

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