Put Out Water for the Birds

Dear Editor:

Outdoors yesterday I saw one bird, then a second (sparrow, chickadee) land on my dog’s water dish rim and take a drink, a long one. Earlier this week a traveling-through hummingbird came down out of the sky and refueled at my hummingbird feeder that I keep ready, though my regulars have migrated away. Now migrating hummers might stop briefly.

Makes me want to ask – if you are able to do this, put water out for the birds. Now I’m keeping my three dog waters high (so small birds can perch on the rim and reach the water, that height of water needed). I also have rimmed dinner plates of water on the ground for bees. I’ve seen them come to drink. We are in drought, and it’s not necessary to own a bird-bath. Put out water for these creatures that brighten our days. (In the case of bees, pollinate our garden crops and field crops.) Saint Francis can’t do his work without our helping hands.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

Sanbornton, N.H.

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