Small Man in a Big Job

Dear Editor:

It takes a big man to represent this great country. A President worthy of office must stand for the justice, democracy, liberty, and diversity that have created our well-being. He must set an example to the world of the ideals that all can aspire to. He must also show the empathy and moral character we expect of our neighbors, friends, and ourselves.

Instead, a very small man is our President. Petty and vindictive, he cares only about making a transactional profit for himself, a bully who worries that any criticism underlines the illegitimacy of his three-million-minority election.

Why would the designated leader of this great country kowtow toward dictators, and care more about making a buck off his properties, than attracting worldwide allies to lead toward a more healthy and equitable future?

His tax returns reveal the answer: this self-proclaimed businessman is in debt over his head, $300 million or more, that must be paid back by 2022. Who does he owe?

His son, Eric, blurted out the answer while golfing with journalist James Dodson, “We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Bruce Joffe

Piedmont, Calif.

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