Trump Would be 86ed From Kindergarten

To the Editor:

In every election I’ve voted in, be it local, a primary, presidential or non-presidential, I always see voters taking their children with them as they vote. They clearly want their children to know participating in the democratic process is important. Just as my parents did, I am sure many watch the Presidential debates with their children. I wonder how they can explain President Trump’s behavior in Tuesday’s debate? His constant interrupting, his arguing with the moderator, his total ignoring of the rules he had agreed to. His behavior would not be allowed in kindergarten and is no example of how any adult should behave.

If you approve of Trump’s behavior, then your children will see this is the way they should behave if they want to be rich, powerful or a leader. That is your right, but keep them out of our public schools so the other children can become educated and civil.

Walter Hamilton

Portsmouth N.H.

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