Sat, Nov 7

2007—Private Jessica Lynch accuses the Pentagon of exploiting her capture for propaganda purposes.

1983—The all-woman Armed Resistance Movement bombs the U.S. Capitol; $1 million in damage results.

1961—Under Sec. of State George Ball warns JFK, “Within five years, we’ll have 300,000 men in the paddies and jungles and you’ll never find them again.” JFK tells Ball he’s “crazier than hell. That just isn’t going to happen.”

1957—Ike tells close aides that in the event of nuclear war, “You might as well go out and shoot everyone you see and then shoot yourself.”

1940—The mile-long Tacoma Narrows bridge wiggles, wobbles, and then falls down. Washington State can’t collect on its insurance, because its agent pocketed the premiums.

1931—Fisk U.’s Dean of Women Juliette Derricotte and a student, injured when a white man’s car drives hers into a ditch, die after being refused hospital treatment because they’re Black.

1919—3,000 anarchists are held without bail on Ellis Island as the Palmer Raids begin.

1874—A Thomas Nast cartoon establishes that Republicans are elephants and Democrats are donkeys.

1837—An Alton, Ill. mob murders abolitionist editor Elijah P. Lovejoy.

1775—Turning on his land-grabbing ex-cronies, Lord Dunsmore tells enslaved Blacks in Virginia he’ll free them if they join the Redcoats.

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