Sat, Nov 21

2016—The Guardian reports that D. Trump’s grandfather was refused re-entry to Germany in 1905 because he had dodged military service.

2004—Donald Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City file for bankruptcy.

1986—Ollie North and Fawn Hall start shredding evidence of criminal arms-for-hostages deals.

1974—Somehow, George W.[MD] Bush is honorably discharged, instead of court martialed for being AWOL.

1974—The Freedom of Information Act passes over Gerry Ford’s veto.

1973—Chief of Staff Al Haig ascribes an 18½ minute gap on an audio tape to “sinister forces.”

1970—Fifty-six Green Berets raid the Son Tay POW camp 23 miles west of Hanoi, which had been evacuated three weeks earlier.

1967—Commies in the ’Nam are “unable to mount a major offensive,” says Westy, 71 days before Tet. “The end begins to come into view.”

1964—The FBI sends a blackmail letter to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., urging him to commit suicide.

1927—The first Columbine Massacre: state cops in civvies machine-gun striking coal miners; six die.

1817—The U.S. Army begins thirty years of war by attacking Seminoles in Georgia at Fowltown.

1801—The 2nd suspicious fire in 13 days destroys Treasury records after a Republican demand of proof of Federalist Thomas Pickering’s expenses.

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