Sun, Nov 22

2000—Two dozen well-dressed hooligans, many on the GOP’s payroll, intimidate Miami election officials into shutting down a Presidential recount.

1975—U.S.S. John F. Kennedy and U.S.S. Belknap collide in the night near Sicily. A two-hour fire aboard the Belknap stops 30 feet short of the nuclear weapons magazine.

1963—In Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy is assassinated; at whose bidding is a matter of dispute.

1963—In Paris, a CIA man hands a lethal pen to a Cuban for use on Fidel Castro, at the behest of Bobby Kennedy.

1963—Don B. Reynolds’ testimony to a secret Senate committee, that LBJ took bribes, is halted by assassination.

1941—Germany’s top fighter pilot, Werner Mölders, dies as a passenger in a plane crash on his way to the funeral of the Luftwaffe’s Generaloberst Ernst Udet, a suicide.

1930—Prophet Elijah Mohammed founds the Nation of Islam.

1909—Tired of talk from male labor leaders, Clara Lemlich, 23, moves that garment workers strike. Next day, 20,000 women walk off the job; they win shorter hours, higher pay, and better working conditions.

1887—White militiamen put down a sugar cane strike by killing 35 to 300 Black workers in Thibodaux, La.

1865—Mississippi adopts the nation’s first “Black Codes,” to “confer Civil Rights on Freedmen”—by denying them those rights, apparently.

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