Fri, Dec 11

2006—President George W.[MD] Bush, on national TV, denies having ever been “a knee-walking drunk.”

2000—The Supreme Court hears Bush v. Gore.

1998—President Clinton begs forgiveness for his sins. Instead he gets three Articles of Impeachment.

1985—Veep George H.[H.]W. Bush, at a Manchester, N.H., dinner honoring the late William Loeb, reads aloud Loeb’s most scurrilous attacks against him.

1981—Soldiers of the U.S.-backed Salvadoran government murder 900 villagers at El Mozote.

1964—As Ernesto “Che” Guevara speaks at the United Nations, a 3.5 inch rocket launched from Queens falls harmlessly into the East River.

1960—Seeing at the last minute that JFK has his wife and kids with him, Belmont, N.H. resident Richard Pavlick defers his plan to crash into the President-elect’s car with his dynamite-laden Buick.

1951—A few days after slipshod coal dust removal techniques are approved by state inspectors, the New Orient mine in West Frankfort, Ill., blows up, killing 119 miners.

1917—Guilty of fighting back when Houston cops rioted in August, 13 Black soldiers are hanged in unison.

1838—The U.S. House of Representatives passes Rep. Charles Atherton’s (D-N.H.) “gag rule” prohibiting discussion of slavery.

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