Dear Mr. President…

[The following is an open letter, pruned somewhat by the alleged editor. In order to better preserve the author’s voice, and to forestall a likely rebellion from the 100 Proof Department, it has not been proofread. – The Ed.]

Mr. President:

…I Sir am but “A Poor Dumb Yankee Fool,” who is married to “A Vivacious Southern Belle!” I am also a man who trusts in the integrity of the human soul and “Our American Ideology!” So if that makes me bad, then so be it, as I will just have live with that! When however, small elements of my own government let their own avarice (and/or greed), overpower the tenets that made us great to begin with, then who does a common man (such as I) have to turn to?

…[S]uch was the case with my idea for the placement of “The Battleship—U.S.S. Missouri” out at Pearl Harbor, that I made December 4, 1990, with a response back from “The White House,” telling me why this could not (and would not) be done!

[M]any years later a friend sent me a post card from Pearl showing “The Missouri” riding high and proudly out at Pearl Harbor. “MY IDEA” had been stolen and this with no acknowledgement or even credit to me—a fact that has been called to the attention of “The White House” many times!!

H. Rick Tavares

Campo, California

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