Midnight Sky Spoiler Alert!

Dear Editor:

Film star George Clooney acts in and directed a made-for-Netflix movie not to miss. The Midnight Sky proceeds with a good cast of characters, and two settings: Antarctica and space. At the end the space sojourners, planning for return to Earth, must cancel. The view from their ship is not of a pretty blue and white orb. The view is orange and gray conflagration. Our lovely planet is in flames.

Nuclear arsenals are a big mistake. We think pandemic is horrific—but our nuclear arsenals can deliver Armageddon on purpose or by accident any time. Fools we are, to let that continue. Grandmother here—I want better! Smarter!

Lynn Rudmin Chong

Sanbornton, N.H.


You’re right, of course. Talk about “now more than ever,” the last thing this world needs during the next three weeks is a couple of doomsday devices, ours and the Russkies, left over from the Cold War.

We expect to be somewhat less concerned starting about, say, January 21st. If we do safely make it to that day, the world will have an opportunity to re-think its casually-suicidal policies.

Our bet, though, is that our feckless leaders will leave it all in place.

The Editor

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