Trashing the Joint on the Way Out The Door

To the Editor:

Millions of Americans had their unemployment checks cut off because President Trump left town without signing or even vetoing Congress’s bill to fund the government and provide pandemic relief funds. He paid no interest in the bill the whole time Congress was haggling over its contents. He left it to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to represent the White House. Suddenly, after most of Congress left town for Christmas, he released a four-minute video saying he does not like what Congress passed. He says he is against spending programs he asked them to include. Worst of all, he flew off to Mar-a-Lago without signing or vetoing the bill.

If he had vetoed the bill Congress could come back and either override the veto or try to pass a bill he would sign, but they would need to do one or the other before January 2nd or start again under the newly elected Congress. Meanwhile, the government is not being funded, tens of thousands face eviction on January 1st, plus losing their unemployment checks, plus food banks losing government assistance.

Since the election Trump has been fussing and fuming and trying any way possible to bully those in his party to trash the Constitution and override the will of the voters. Now that he realizes that will not happen, he is giving the country and his party the finger on his way out the door. January 20, 2021 cannot come soon enough.

Walter Hamilton

Portsmouth, N.H.


The oaf in the Oval Office is certainly causing plenty of damage. Let’s not let his enablers in the GOP off the hook, though. He’ll be gone, and most of them will remain—unpunished by those will have suffered the most.

The Editor

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