Year’s Most Miserable Day Allegedly Coming Soon

[Note: As readers may well imagine, we are bombarded daily with all sorts of pitches from myriad PR outfits trying to somehow make a buck out of this dog-eat-dog economy. In most cases these pitches are dismissed before we finish reading the subject line. “Such-and-Such Computing Inc. Submits Application for Nasdaq Uplisting.” Yes, we’ll get right on that. Today, though, we got one that spoke our language: “New Hampshire’s Most Miserable Day of the Year Forecast for January 8th 2021.” Naturally, this being the good old U.S.A., and PR being PR, a certain cheery optimism was evident throughout. – The Ed.]

“After an incredibly challenging 2020, many of us will be looking at 2021 with a sense of cautious optimism, hoping we will finally turn the corner of the pandemic. However, before we try to put the events of the last year in the rear view mirror, we should perhaps mentally prepare ourselves for, at least in terms of the weather, two pretty gloomy months in January and February. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to prepare if you knew when to expect the most miserable day of the year? After all, forewarned is forearmed (or fore-warmed)! Well, gather your woolly socks, a cup of hot cocoa and the ultimate rainy-day snack in anticipation for a full day of laying on the couch binge watching your favorite Netflix show….

“Ezvid Wiki, a video wiki, software and media company, polled 3,000 of us to find out which month of the year we consider the gloomiest. The good people of New Hampshire overwhelmingly voted for January as the worst month of the year in the misery index. Some New Hampshirites may start off January on an optimistic note—viewing the year ahead as one full of promise. Yet as it progresses and the novelty of Christmas gifts wear off, and new year resolutions are quietly dropped, a more bleak outlook may emerge…. Ezvid Wiki then analyzed 36 years of past weather data in order to identify the statistically coldest and wettest day in January, which in The Granite State falls on January 8th, making it New Hampshire’s most miserable day of the year!

“Different states will experience their most miserable days on separate dates, based on the various climates across the country. For example, East Coast states like New York will have to hold out significantly longer for the inevitably gloomy day to arrive, as they voted February as the most miserable month—a time of the year when spring still feels far away, and the snow has turned from a crisp white to a sludgy brown color.

“‘Admittedly, no one wants to be outdoors on such cold, gloomy days,’ says Caroline Eliasson from Ezvid Wiki. ‘Which is why it is the perfect opportunity to book the day off to spend a day in cuddled up in front of the TV. After a challenging 2020, you deserve it!’”

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