Sat, Jan 2

1996—At Bill Clinton’s invitation, Monica Lewinsky drops by the Oval Office. Sequestered in the bathroom, they violate his marriage vows.

1972—During a one-hour interview on CBS, Richard Nixon tells Dan Rather that the bombing in Southeast Asia had been“very, very effective.” Next day in a note to Hank Kissinger, he tells the truth: “The result = zilch.”

1970—The Supreme Court nixes Gen. Hershey’s effort to reclassify all draft protestors as 1-A, or draftable.

1967—In Florida, 72 men are arrested, thwarting an invasion of Haiti financed by CBS in exchange for exclusive film rights of the landing.

1962—Outnumbered four to one, vastly outgunned, without helicopters or armor, 350 Viet Cong defeat U.S.-advised ARVN at Ap Bac.

1946—King Zog of Albania, the only head of state to have fired back at a would-be assassin, abdicates.

1923—As evidence of his corruption mounts, Interior Secretary Albert Fall resigns. President Harding then offers him a seat on the Supreme Court.

1920—U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer has thousands of alleged subversives arrested.

1905—The I.W.W., aka The Wobblies, “organize” in Chicago.

1882—Standard Oil reorganizes so as to allow John D. Rockefeller to keep his oil monopoly; laws be damned.

1872—Brigham Young is arrested for having 24 wives too many.

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