Fri, Feb 5

2018—At a rally, D.J. Trump says Democrats who didn’t applaud his State of the Union speech are traitors.

2007—Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak is arrested for attempting to kidnap the girlfriend of another astronaut and for suspected misappropriation of NASA diapers.

2003—Secretary of State Colin Powell tells the UN that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq is bristling with WMDs.

1992—George Herbert [Hoover] Walker Bush is “amazed” to encounter a supermarket checkout scanner.

1981—For her husband’s 70th birthday, First Lady Nancy Reagan flies her manicurist in from Los Angeles.

1958—A B-47 bomber collides with a jet fighter near Tybee Island off the coast of Georgia and jettisons an H-bomb. It’s still buried in the mud.

1953—Ike starts a tradition and treads on the First Amendment by speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast.

1937—Roosevelt attempts to “pack” the Supreme Court.

1918—Stephen W. Thompson becomes the first American pilot to down an enemy aircraft.

1897—Marcel Proust meets critic Jean Lorrain for a pistol duel at 3:00 p.m.—the earliest hour decent people are up and about.

1830—The New York Daily Sentinel, the first labor daily, begins.

1637—Tulip prices, up 2,500 percent in 33 days, top out in Holland at $40,000 a pound.

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