Sat, Feb 6

2020—It’s 65° Fahrenheit at the Esperanza Base, in Antarctica.

2013—In Seabrook, N.H., Phantom Fireworks sells Tamerlan Tsarnaev 1.5 lbs. of black powder and gives him another 1.5 pounds for free.

1971—Derry, New Hampshire’s own Alan Shepherd uses a nine iron to whack a golf ball on the moon.

1968—NVA troops in Soviet tanks overrun Lang Vei; 21 of 24 Green Berets are KIA, WIA, or captured.

1951—Trespassing at Argonne National Laboratory, blowhard Paul Harvey claims it was inadvertant. A script found in his car proves he’s lying.

1919—Seattle union leaders get a telegram intended for shipyard owners: “no raises.” A General Strike results. Workers run the city for a week, but union bureaucrats intervene. To maintain power they end the strike; workers get called “Bolsheviks.”

1858—Galusha Grow [R-Pa.] and Laurence Keitt [D-S.C.] trade blows in the House; 30 Members join in. John “Bowie Knife” Potter [R-Wisc.] and Cadwallader Washburn [ditto] snatch the wig of William Barksdale [D-Miss.]; it all ends in laughter.

1819—In a duel instigated by Gen. Andrew Jackson, Col. John Mason McCarty kills Gen. Armistead Thomson Mason, his second cousin.

1684—Portsmouth’s first minister, Reverend Joshua Moody, is jailed by Governor Edward Cranfield over some inane doctrinal foofaraw.

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