Wed, Feb 10

2014—Donald Trump tells Fox “News,” “When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell, and everything is a disaster, then you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be, when we were great.”

2010—Innovative tax protestor Joe Stack flies a fuel-laden Piper into the IRS Field Office in Austin, Texas, killing another person, injuring 13, and causing damage in the millions.

2009—One chance in 50 million: Russia’s defunct Kosmos-2251 hits Iridium 33, 490 miles above Siberia.

2003—The G.W.[MD] Bush Administration touts plastic sheeting and duct tape as a first line of defense.

1968—General Westmoreland, U.S. commander in Vietnam, sends a cable to the Navy’s top admiral in the Pacific. It’s a request for tactical nukes.

1964—HMAS Melbourne hits HMAS Voyager. Cut in half, Voyager sinks and 82 die. It’s the first of two friendly ships Melbourne is destined to sink.

1918—At the Power’s gold mine in Arizona’s Galiuro Mountains, a four-man posse seeking two draft-dodgers ends up 3/4ths dead. The Power brothers get out of Florence Prison in 1960.

1910—Five Bloomsbury Groupers, disguised as Abyssinian royalty, trick Royal Navy officers into giving them a tour of HMS Dreadnaught.

1897—Bradley and Cornelia Martin throw a ball at the Waldorf in NYC. Spending per guest equals 65 times the average workman’s weekly wage.

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