Ewing, Condensed

To the Editor:

[Note: We got another letter from Don Ewing. In an effort to avoid the usual tedium, and keep the peace with the 100 Proof Department, we’ve decided to try a new approach. We have summarized, as accurately as we could, the first nine paragraphs. In the spirit of fairness, we’ve given Don the last word by leaving his final paragraph untouched. – The Ed.]

[An ungrounded 36-word assertion that Joe Biden wants to destroy jobs, lower incomes, raise the cost of living, and endanger personal safety.]

[A gullible, 36-word repetion of Big Oil talking points.]

[A 56-word expansion on the previous fiction.]

[A willfully shortsighted—indeed, suicidal—59-word repudiation of the Paris Climate Accords.]

[A 39-word outburst of paranoid xenophobia.]

[A blithe 60-word dismissal of the January 6th assault on democracy, coupled with another blast of xenophobia.]

[A 45-word amalgamation of climate change dismissal, “China virus” paranoia, and demonstrable misunderstanding of demographics.]

[A weird, highly specific, 40-word charge that Biden has a scheme to destroy the U.S. power grid.]

[A preposterous 38-word claim that Biden is doing nothing Trump wasn’t already doing to fight the coronavirus—“except for his plan to vaccinate terrorists in Guantanamo before vulnerable Americans.”

Reversing Trump’s priorities, Biden’s administration is sacrificing the well-being of middle and lower income Americans to benefit Washington special interests, his billionaire supporters, and leftist elites.

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.

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