Manipulating the Map

To the Editor:

Last November, Republican and Democratic voters may not have understood the political influence of their votes in future elections will depend on the extent to which the Republican majority in 2021 utilizes the “art” of slicing and dicing of political districts.

Current Executive Council District #2 is a heavily Democrat-leaning district created by Republicans in 2011, extending from the Seacoast to Vermont. With wings added, it mimics a dragon in shape, and intentionally sacrifices the value of the votes of tens of thousands of Republican voters in the 49 municipalities within the district. It enabled drawing of Republican-leaning districts elsewhere, which intentionally diminished the value of the votes of Democrats. This process of packing and cracking kept Republicans in power, and will be utilized again by Republicans in 2021, with the use of sophisticated software. Confident of success through gerrymandering, Steve Stepanek, Chair of the Republican State Party said recently “I can stand here today and guarantee you that we will send a conservative Republican to Washington, D.C. as a Congressperson in 2022.”

This is not how Democracy works. This is how Democracy is manipulated and corrupted.

The 2021 legislative session is the last opportunity until 2031 for the creation of fair mapping. Protect the value of your vote: demand real Democracy from your Representatives, Senators and Governor.

Bob Perry

Strafford, N.H.


Perhaps Mr. Stepanek intends to revive the career of former Congressman Frank Guinta.

The Editor

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